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To have one of everything.
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Cross references:
  1. fragile                2. incisive              

1. crisp \krisp\ aj [ME, fr. OE, fr. L crispus; akin to L curvus curved - more
   at CROWN  1a: CURLY, WAVY; also : having close stiff or wiry curls or waves
   1b: having the surface roughened into small folds or curling  wrinkles  2a:
   easily crumbled : BRITTLE of pastry  2b: SHORT  2c: being  firm  and  fresh 
   {~ lettuce}  3a: being sharp, clean-cut, and clear  {a ~ illustration}  3b:
   noticeably  neat  3c: SPRIGHTLY, LIVELY  3d: FROSTY, SNAPPY;  also : FRESH, 
   INVIGORATING - crisp.ly av
2. crisp vt 1: CURL, CRIMP 2: to cause to ripple : WRINKLE  3: to make or keep
   crisp 1: CURL 2: RIPPLE 3: to become crisp - crisp.er n
3. crisp n 1: something crisp or brittle chiefly Brit  2: POTATO CHIP

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I am crisp. I am curly and wavy. I have close, stiff, or wiry curls or waves.
 I have a surface roughened into small folds or curling wrinkles. I am easily
 crumbled. I am short. I am firm and fresh. I am sharp, clean-cut, and clear.
 I  am noticeably neat.  I am sprightly and lively.  I am frosty and  snappy.
 Also,  I  am fresh and invigorating.  I curl.  I crimp.  I cause  things  to
 ripple.  I make and keep things crisp. I become crisp.  I am something crisp
 or brittle, chiefly British. I am a potato chip.