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Life gave me some lemons....I am trying to make delightful lemonade with
a little help from the NRL and a couple of OWSes. Now the hoimegirls next
door have jumped. May have snagged awesome babe in Concord who jumped from
"can I be a supermodel" to "Well I read he book..."beauty doesn't last but
brains so so I want to be the hottest microbiolist on the planet. "Oh whoops
,y only real potential is this 50 something dude in Santa Cruz, that hand of
tyhe happy crazy hippies, and he works on Bill of Rightsstuff, how do I explain
this to my brother and the parental unit ....High Holy Beings this would give
me a goood excuse to REALLY LIVE if it  were more than several times one night
with me stairgazing into her face and walking aroind and saying, "That bright
red start is the red heart of the Legenadary Scorpion. It is the counter to
the clear orderly faintly militartistic order of Orion's Arm. Advantages will
have4 a few good scares to less carbon fuels and there will be enough so that
 we will go on but we will make changes and I have to try to extend to at least
the first 3 gigasconds. My main thinfs now is arranging for all of this while 
]eing on SSI/SSA. Any ideas or helps send email here or use the prefer the US
SNAIL it's POBX 2005 Watsonville , CA 95077=200....send fun stuff candy, csh
in any world current and passionate love letrfter accpred joyy