Services available on through the client utility:

serverusersShort list of users on the system
serverwhomFormatted list of who is on the system
serveronWho is logged in, with "real names" & hostnames
serverlastloginPrint last login time of named users
servercheckCheck if a user has mail
serveruptimeHow long the system has been up, and the load
serveraddressLook up phone numbers/addresses
serveracronymSearch for acronyms in database
serverareacodeFind area by areacode or vice versa
serverfreqLook up frequencies in database
serverrisesetPrint rise/set time of sun & moon
servercallsignGet callsigns of local ham radio operators
servermoonShow the current phase of the moon
serverwebsterLook up definitions of words
servermanGet man pages
serversearchFind man pages & include files by keyword.
serverrainfallShow rainfall stats for Santa Cruz, CA
serverissSpace station visibility for Santa Cruz, CA
serverlowtideLow tide predictions for Santa Cruz, CA
serverphonewrdFind words that dial your phone number.
serversagaDish Idea Generator
Query text, for services that take parameters:

client and server are a set of utilities written by Steven Grimm to allow unprivileged users on a UNIX system to offer information services to remote clients (predating the web and CGI programs by several years). This web page is a front end for client, allowing you to access the services that it can reach on this host. To access services directly, you can can get the source to the client utility itself or pick up a binary for SCO UNIX systems. Once you have an executable, you can do
to get a list of the current services offered here.
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