Armory Information Resources

A great deal of publicly accessible information is available on this host. There are web pages, finger files, FTP archives, and other services. This is an attempt at gathering together some that is of general interest.

Web pages

Here are some of the more interesting user-maintained web pages on this host, along with descriptions provided by authors of the pages. A complete list of all users' web pages, finger files, and FTP archives is also available (warning: it's pretty big):
Searchable Index
Search the entire Armory web space, including all user pages.
A Serial Infrared Remote Controller
Discussion of a device that lets you send IR remote commands from a computer.
Maintainer: John DuBois
Purity tests
Gauge your purity in various domains.
Maintainer: John DuBois
Stories and such about pyrotechnics.
Maintainer: John DuBois
The Armory CoopCam
See what our chickens are up to!
Maintainer: John DuBois
Santa Cruz Rainfall
Graphs of data gathered by a rain gauge connected to this system.
Maintainer: John DuBois
Armory Network Traffic
Graphs of traffic over our link to the rest of the Internet
Maintainer: John DuBois
Notes from the Windowsill
The home page of an online children's book review service.
All about the country of Turkey
Great Circle Studio
Home page of Greater Circle Studio Sundials
Sam & Max Freelance Police
The Sam & Max Freelance Police comic world. Pics, bios, etc.
Connecting an Amiga to the 'Net
How to connect an Amiga to the Internet via PPP
Keeper's long-lost MIDI files
Primarily keyboard music, including keeper's own ragtime compositions
Animaniacs as heard elsewhere
Lyrics from Animaniacs songs as dubbed into other languages around the world.
Rockwell Chipset Voice Mail Functions
C code to use the voice functions of modems based on Rockwell chipsets.
MOE Artificial Conciousness Project
An attempt to begin to "explain it all", with development of an interactive real-time computer model of biological conciousness processes

FTP Archives

The Armory Anonymous FTP Archives contain UNIX software (source, and binaries for SCO UNIX), a bit of DOS software, assorted other stuff, and the user-maintained archives. Among the latter you will find:

Mailing lists

A variety of mailing lists are hosted on this system.

Other services

This system provides assorted information throught the client facility. If you have client, do
client LIST
to get a list of the current services. If not, you can get the source , pick up a SCO UNIX binary, or use this web front end.
This web page maintained by John DuBois